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Call for Case Studies

In 2025, the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (referred to as the Convention) will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Since its adoption, UNESCO has been closely observing the systemic challenges posed by the ever-changing digital environment to the protection of cultural resources and the fostering of cultural interactions. In recent years, cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, 5G, and big data have been widely applied in cultural activities, products, and services. The resulting new business formats and trends, including the integration of technology and culture, the digitalization of cultural heritage, the cultural and technological industry, and the science fiction industry, have become significant issues in the current efforts to protect and promote cultural diversity.

In response to the initiatives put forth by UNESCO and to strengthen international cooperation and exchange in technology and culture, the "Protecting and Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Digital Environment" case collection activity was recently launched. It is hosted by the International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development under the auspices of UNESCO (ICCSD), with backing from organizations including CRI Online, Beijing Radio & Television Station (BRTV), Tingting FM and Beijing Time.

This case collection activity is focused on gathering contributions from enterprises and organizations worldwide that are dedicated to cultural advancement through technological innovation. Its purpose is to highlight and share how digital technologies are applied to protect and promote cultural diversity and foster innovative integration of technology and culture. Ultimately, the initiative aims to facilitate the exchange and mutual learning of technological innovation and practical experience between domestic and international entities.


Theme of Collection

Protecting and Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Digital Environment


 Collection Details

Collection Period

Starting from now until May 9, 2024

Scope of Collection

The submitted cases should focus on any of the following directions:

Direction One: 

Technological Breakthroughs and Innovative Applications

We are collecting outstanding cases that utilize advanced technological means to promote cultural prosperity and respond to science fiction creativity. This includes new technologies and products leveraging AI, big data, cloud computing, VR, AR, etc., that enhance cultural experiences and advance the protection and dissemination of culture.

Direction Two: 

Practices in Collaborative Development of Technology and Culture

We are collecting outstanding cases that successfully promote the inheritance, integration, and innovation of diverse cultures in the digital environment. This includes innovative practices or projects by cultural institutions, such as museums, libraries, memorials, art galleries, science and technology museums, and cultural heritage sites, in using digital technology to strengthen the protection of cultural heritage and improve the exhibition and presentation of cultural resources, among others.


Submission Guidelines

1. Entries must closely align with the theme of "Protecting and Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Digital Environment" and fall within the two collection directions mentioned above.

2. Please fill out the application form completely (available for download at the ICCSD official website https://city.cri.cn/20240410/80e4df7d-11e0-2414-dae2-befd6680766e.html). Provide necessary supplementary materials, such as images, videos, audio, systems, and applications, to support the case description and ensure effective presentation.

3. Entries for evaluation must be works, technologies, or projects that have been completed, published, or patented between 2021 and 2024.

4. Participants must ensure the authenticity and legality of their submitted cases and either own all intellectual property rights for the case or have received authorization from the rights holders.

5. Only one submission (one set of materials) is allowed per case, either by the copyright owner or the participants, but not both simultaneously.


 Evaluation Criteria

1. Demonstrability: This criterion evaluates the case based on dimensions such as the driving effect of technological innovation on related industries, the impact of case promotion on associated projects, and the degree of public participation and reputation.

2. Innovation: This criterion assesses the case's digital technology for its originality, cutting-edge qualities, and leadership, as well as the innovative practices in modernly interpreting and socially disseminating traditional culture.

3. Applicability: This criterion evaluates the performance data of cutting-edge technological solutions in enhancing cultural protection, inheritance, and development, as well as specific cases where these solutions have been applied to address real-world issues.

4. Completeness: This criterion examines whether the case application form, the case introduction text, and the supplementary materials effectively support the description and argumentation of the case.

5.Sustainability: This criterion evaluates the sustainable utilization of cultural resources, the potential for technological upgrades, and the replicability of the project. Sustainable cases are those that not only demonstrate current achievements but also consider future development and impact.


Collection Process and Timeline

1. Submission of Entries: Starting now until May 9

2. Preliminary Screening: May 10 - May 12

3. Expert Review: May 13 - May 15

4. Announcement and Display of Results: May 16 - May 20


Promotion and Outreach

1. Outstanding works will be featured and continuously promoted on the ICCSD's official website and through domestic and international media partner platforms to amplify their visibility and influence.

2. Selected cases will be awarded a certificate of recognition, jointly issued by UNESCO and the ICCSD.

3. Selected cases will be compiled into a publication, serving as a reference resource for protecting and promoting cultural diversity in the digital environment and available to relevant institutions and researchers.

4. Organize online and offline exchange activities, inviting participants of selected cases to share their creative experiences and insights, fostering the protection and dissemination of cultural diversity in the digital environment.


Submission Method

Applicants (teams) are required to download the electronic application form from the ICCSD's official website, complete it accurately based on their project details, and submit the electronic application form (in both the original Word format file and a scanned PDF with a signature and seal), the electronic version of the case introduction text (in Word format), and any relevant supplementary materials (including images, audio, video, software, systems, databases, etc.) as a compressed file to the email address: media@unesco-iccsd.com. The email and attachments should be titled following the format "Country + City of the Case + Case Name" (e.g., "China, Beijing, XXX Project"). Submissions must be received by 12:00 noon on May 9, 2024.


Contact Information and Inquiry Channels

The latest updates and relevant information about the collection activity will be published on the official website and media platforms of the ICCSD. For any inquiries or support, please contact the International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development under the auspices of UNESCO (ICCSD):

Email: media@unesco-iccsd.com

Tel: 13552192286 (Mr. Duan), 18600501919 (Ms. Chen)