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Comments from Journalists Worldwide on Digital Economy of Beijing
2024-06-07 CRI Online

On June 3, an online communication event themed "Discovery of Diversified Beijing: Decoding New Quality Productive Forces" was held in Beijing. Journalists from China and other countries attended the event and gained insights into the rapid development of Beijing's digital economy.

Comments from Journalists Worldwide on Digital Economy of Beijing_fororder_pic(1)

  A journalists interacts with "Nezha", a digital human.

  [Photo by Zhao Junpeng]

In August 2023, Zhongguancun Internet 3.0 Industrial Park opened as the first Internet 3.0 Industrial Park in Beijing. In less than one year, the park has attracted over 100 enterprises to settle in. By 2023, these enterprises reported a total operational income of approximately CNY 2 billion, beginning to demonstrate a collaborative mechanism and synergies along the entire ecosystem chain. During the event, both Chinese and foreign journalists chatted with "Nezha" and interacted with "Su Xiaomei". They were impressed by the intelligence levels of these digital humans. Inside a virtual metaverse space, they also enjoyed exploring distant places without leaving the space. "I 'broke' a few vases displayed because I wasn't accustomed to using the 'virtual hands' yet," said Pavleta Davidova, a journalist from 24 Hours, a Bulgarian newspaper, as she recounted her experience in the metaverse space. Davidova also marveled at the captivating conversations with digital humans like "Nezha" and "Su Xiaomei", noting their high intelligence levels and capabilities of conversing in English with remarkable proficiencies.

Comments from Journalists Worldwide on Digital Economy of Beijing_fororder_4J5A0599(1)

  Paul (first from the left) introduces journalists to the development of chip technology.

  [Photo by Liu Nan]

T PARK (also known as "ICC IC/PIC Innovation Center") is Beijing's first innovation demonstration park focusing on integrated circuits and integrated optical circuits. So far, over 40 high-quality enterprises specializing in integrated circuit/integrated optical circuit design have settled in the park. Paul, the Chief Chip Architect of Beijing Digital Light Chip Tech Co., Ltd., expressed his delight at the high-level and rapid development of chip design in Beijing, as observed at the park. "Amazed!" exclaimed Marton Bonifac Brem-Nagy, a journalist from Daily News Hungary. Brem-Nagy expressed his deep impression of China's innovative technologies and products, and commented that the event provided him with a vivid picture of the development of China's digital economy.

(Source: CRI Online)