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The Second Session of the First Advisory Committee
2021-03-04 ICCSD

The Second Session of the First Advisory Committee to International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development under the auspices of UNESCO (hereinafter referred to as ICCSD) was convened in Beijing on September 25. It applied "Cloud Commu-nication" to exchange ideas online and offline because of the pandemic. The session included a brief summary on ICCSD's work in the previous year, the inauguration and certificate granting of the newmembers of the Advisory Committee. In addition, members focused on figuring out innovative and creative ways to continuously promote the global sustainable development in times of changes under the context of COVID-19. 15 experts from 10 countries attended the meeting and made speeches, including Xiao Lan, Executive Director of ICCSD, Hans d'Orville, Chairman of the ICCSD Advisory Committee, and former Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning of UNESCO, Charles Landry, the proposer and supporter of the Creative City concept, Carolina Quintana, a coordinator of UNCTAD Creative Economy Network, Riccardo Balbo, Academic Director of Istituto Europeo di Design, Mehri Madarshahi, President of Global Culture Network, andformer Senior Economist, United Nations, Mugendi K.M'Rithaa, President Emeritus of the World Design Organization, and Zhu Xufeng, Executive Director of Institute for Sustainable Development Goals, Tsinghua University.

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Xiao Lan said that COVID-19 has not only endangered the world, but also provided various industries with more opportunities for development. Services driven by digital technology have positive effects on the work and life during the pandemic, including telemedicine, online education, shared platform, Office Automation and cross-boarder e-commerce. In his opinion, it is certain that the digital economy would be a crucial growth area in the next stage. In the future, we will face a new era which is rapidly changing when we develop the economy. Thus, innovative thinking modes and creative solutions are urgently needed to seize the opportuni-ties and handle the challenges of the era. ICCSD, as an international platform which advocates advancing sustainable development in a creative way, will play a bigger role in the nearer future when the previous system is shocked and a new turning point emerges. ICCSD would be committed to collecting and studying creative plans across the world, reforming supporting scientific and techno-logical innovation, and cultural prosperity in a sustainable way.

During the session, Hans d'Orville, president of the ICCSD Advisory Committee, and former UNESCO Assistant Director-General, announced that Professor Xiang Yong, vice director of Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University, became a new committee member of ICCSD. Xiao Lan, executive director of ICCSD, awarded Professor Xiang Yong a certificate of committee member. Hans d'Orville introduced the history of ICCSD, main programs in 2019 and workplans in 2020. He presented that ICCSD had conducted practical and abundant work in investigation and research, advertising and communication, and international cooperation in the previous year. The center has expanded creative projects and cases after a successful pilot program, encouraged professionals across the world to discuss the construction of creative cities, and provided a platform for countries to exchange cultures, share experience and achieve win-win cooperation. It has cooperated with more than 20 news agencies and gathered plenty of experience in the field. It has participated in over 10 international events and reached cooperation intentions with more than 30 institutions. Hans d'Orville said that the center hopes to deepen the cooperation with the UNESCO, establish more platforms for communication and collaboration, widen the channels for committee members to exchangeideas and share experience, focus on social media operations and reports, and provide more examples of creative cases and achievements for committee members. It will also nurture talents and blend the concept of sustainable development into works of young designers in the world. He said, "We hope experts would continue to pay close attention to ICCSD and learn about the highlights of our work in the future."

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