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ICCSD visits UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office
2021-12-07 ICCSD

On September 3, 2021, the ICCSD visited the UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office. Xiao Lan, Executive Director of ICCSD, held a meeting with Professor Shahbaz Khan, Director of the UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office. Ms. Gu Rong, Cultural Program Officer of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office, Ms. Wu Wenbin, Communication Manager of the ICCSD, and Mr. Li Nanzhou, Research Manager of the ICCSD, attended the meeting together. The two sides had in-depth communication on the preliminary work and construction development of the ICCSD, and Prof. Shahbaz Khan and Ms. Gu Rong made suggestions on the future development of ICCSD and cooperation between the two sides.

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Xiao Lan, Executive Director of the ICCSD, and his delegation took a group photo with Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office, and Ms. Gu Rong, cultural program officer of the UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office.

Executive Director Xiao Lan introduced the fruits of the ICCSD in research, training, exchange, dissemination and demonstration base construction. Since its official operation, the ICCSD has built a competent team, compiled 4 reports on the theme of creative sustainable development, published 7 bilingual special issues of Creative 2030, organized more than 20 international conferences and salon seminars, formed an advisory committee including nearly 30 renowned experts and scholars from 13 countries, heads of creative institutions and leaders of innovative enterprises, and a team of about 50 experts who are all from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University and other top Chinese universities and research institutions. The ICCSD is committed to gathering outstanding talents and innovation teams from all over the world and building a "laboratory of ideas" for creativity and innovation with global influence.

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Professor Shahbaz Khan reviewed the research reports and dissemination publications of the ICCSD and fully affirmed the effectiveness of ICCSD work. He said that as an interdisciplinary institution, the ICCSD has performed its functions very well and achieved good results. Culture and art play a very important role in the development of today's society, and the special issue of "Creativity 2030" produced by the ICCSD contains a large number of domestic and international creative cases, which deeply explains the very important topic of "sustainable development". The work done by the ICCSD has enhanced people's understanding of creativity and sustainable development, as well as the international community's awareness of China's 14th Five-Year Plan.

Both sides look forward to the next strategic cooperation, and the ICCSD will do its best to assist UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office in promoting policies related to "sustainable development", facilitating the integration of creativity and cultural heritage, conducting inter-governmental cultural dialogue, and actively implementing relevant creative projects.