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On Kunming's "Biological Civilization" Train
2021-09-22 ICCSD

In response to the 15th Conference of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (hereinafter referred to as COP15) to be held in Kunming in October this year, Kunming opened its fourth subway line, with a daily capacity of 100,000 passengers. The city has dubbed Line 4 its "eco-civilization train" and requested design students to make posters on the theme, "Cloud • Flower Murmur". But these are no ordinary posters. They are AI digital interactive posters. Moreover, the gold award winner of the Digital Interactive Art Competition of Chinese Universities, designed by teachers and students from school of Art and Design, Yunnan University, has been integrated into the metro design to accentuate positive environmental features in time for COP15, to be hosted in the city later in 2021. Through interactive publicity in major transportation hubs, public awareness of Yunnan's biodiversity and the need to protect the ecological environment can be heightened. 

On Kunming's "Biological Civilization" Train_fororder_1

The special geographical position of Yunnan Province makes it one of the regions with the richest biodiversity in the world and an eco-shield of Southwest China, known as the "kingdom of animals and plants". The Gaoligong mountains in Yunnan contain a complete natural bioclimatic vertical band spectrum, with rare plants and diverse vegetation, ranking the area at the forefront of China's nature zones.

Tourism, hydropower plants and cement factories near the Gaoligong Mountain Conservation Area have seriously damaged the biological resources of the area in recent years. Timely and effective protection measures have become ever more crucial.

The dynamic AR "Cloud • Flower Murmur" poster explores the significance of biodiversity based on the eight famous flowers of the Gaoligong mountains. Eight endangered plants have been selected, namely camellia, magnolia, lily, rhododendron, primula, orchid, meconopsis and gentian. These gorgeous flowers are extremely rare, and the designer hopes to illustrate the beauty of biodiversity through these innovative posters in case you don't have the chance to see them for real. 

On Kunming's "Biological Civilization" Train_fororder_2

To see the poster, passengers scan a QR code on the train. Augmented reality offers dynamic interaction

between the scanner and the poster, with viewers' experiential senses enhanced through the virtual interaction. This is an unforgettable way to celebrate Yunnan's biodiversity.

The AR posters on the "eco-civilization train" position the ecology directly inside your commute, stimulating public participation in the development and protection of our shared ecological civilization.

COP15 will be held in Kunming this year on October 11-24, themed "Ecological Civilization: Jointly Building a Community of Life on Earth". The conference will review the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and set new global biodiversity goals for 2030.